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Reflection on Mom Relaunch’s Journey

As I stepped on the first block of the original archaeological Olympic stadium in Greece on the first day of the new decade, a fleeting thought crossed my mind. That thought became more entrenched with each step I took, as it so aptly describes the narratives of women relaunchers – taking that first step on a journey is so very critical – be it any journey.

I started Mom Relaunch based on a specific belief, mission and vision – to provide a platform for moms to skill up and get ready and relevant to reenter the workforce. And, what a journey it has been thus far! Plenty of bumps mixed with oodles of support, and encouragement, from expected and unexpected sources alike.

Being in the Tech and Recruiting landscape for years, I know this first hand! In light of my experience, my strong conviction is that, given an opportunity to showcase their skills – THE first step – returning moms can not only exceed their own expectations but that of the hiring companies as well!

Mom Relaunch’s experience and achievements, in the year 2019, speaks volumes about that!

  • We ensured our business model was viable! 
  • Achieved brand visibility beyond our expectations!
  • Partnered with companies like CareerCircle, BayOne Solutions and to provide training and placement support to moms.
  • Expanded our ability to place moms at highly sought after companies.
  • To keep the last for the best, our team of moms were one of the Finalists of the Student Contest @Dreamforce 2019!! They developed, and presented @Dreamforce, one of the best solutions to American Heart Association’s need to encourage heart health awareness among highschoolers! This achievement is difficult, if not impossible, to overstate! 

Mom Relaunch has become a talent rich ecosystem. Many thanks to our partners – including CareerCircle, Pyxeda and BayOne – for contributing towards this feat. For instance, as a result of our partnerships with CareerCircle, Mom Relaunch is able to offer Salesforce Administrator Certification Training – that covers Certification Exam fees – for less than $100 – here, it is worth noting that the Certification Exam fees alone is $200! Similarly, since Data is everywhere, due to our partnerships with Pyxeda, Mom Relaunch is able to offer, Full Stack Data Science Online Training Program, for less than $200. Last but not least, BayOne Solutions has been graciously providing free Data Science training to skill up moms! Now, this is what the power of collaboration and cooperation – among various organizations to build a talent rich ecosystem of returning moms to the workforce – looks like!

Wait! This is not all! For, at Mom Relaunch, even moms are on the act! By joining Mom Relaunch, moms took the first step to take charge of their professional life! Moms are peer mentoring – from sharing Certification study tips to setting up mock interviews. While working on Mom Relaunch’s signature Launchpad program – that offers hands-on experience on internal or external projects – moms are skilling up and, while at it, building their confidence and self-esteem.

The results are palpable indeed! However, despite a very good start, we are the last ones to ‘rest on our laurels’! For the Year 2020, Mom Relaunch’s top three priorities are:

  • Educating companies about presence of a diverse and hidden talent pool in their midst
  • Eliciting support from communities at-large to prioritize the needs of moms by providing support and opportunities to reenter workforce
  • Striving to achieve lucrative job placements for moms commensurate with their education, past experience and skills

Companies have started to partner with us because they recognize Mom Relaunch’s value proposition! As far as Laggers, when they see how companies, that have taken the first step in tapping into the hidden goldmine of talents, have resolved the problem of talent shortage and reduced attrition rates, are bound to follow the footsteps of early adopters! Their hindsight will ‘convince’ them what a no-brainer – hiring reentering to workforce moms – is, in improving their bottom-line!