About Us

Mom Relaunch is an initiative started by a group of moms to support stay-at-home moms successfully returning to the workforce.

Our Mission

To bring talented moms back into the workforce, championing an inclusive culture of diversity and workplace equality.

Our Vision

To foster targeted workforce development by facilitating fulfilling and sustainable careers for moms in IT and HR industries.

Our Goal

To ensure our talent pool is mentored, trained and well-equipped to achieve financial independence through our relaunch process.

Our Founder

Reena Gupta

Founder and CEO of Mom Relaunch

“Moms serve a pivotal role as part of the family unit and in society as a whole. Strengthening the family structure has an impact on future generations, our economic outcomes and the future of our society. When talented moms are facilitated to return to the workforce, not only do they become financially independent and inspirational for their families, a larger chunk of the population become productive. This leads to gender diverse organisations, which studies suggest perform better and deliver innovative solutions.”

Reena, a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, interestingly dove into entrepreneurship when most women take a career break, after her first child was born.

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