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Mom Relaunch provides moms with opportunities and tools to enhance their skill sets and gain real work experience to be able to return to the workforce with confidence.

After career assessment, moms undergo a customized hands-on training and mentoring on Mom Relaunch’s signature program known as LaunchPad. Purpose of LaunchPad is to ensure that moms are equipped with necessary tools to return to the workforce. Mom Relaunch helps, ready to reenter workforce moms, with job or project placement. The LaunchPad is a tried and tested method that has worked successfully for our moms.

Our Process


Career Discovery

What To Expect:

  • Small informal group setting where you meet with a Mom Relaunch advisor virtually.
  • Be ready to share about your past work experience, expectations, skills and what you are looking for.
  • Bring a resume if you have one.
  • Based on your background and expectations, Mom Relaunch advisor will help you to craft a personalized plan.
  • Think of this as a sharing session, not an interview. However, be prepared to talk about your goals, interest and experience to get the most out of this session.


Personalized Training Plan

What To Expect:

  • Depending on several factors (e.g. work experience, time away from work, etc.), you will be assigned a training plan through our proprietary Mom Relaunch Learning Management System (MRLMS).
  • Your training may comprise of online/virtual training or in-person training with a training partner (e.g. Salesforce certification training with CareerForce). If we assess that you do not need any theoretical training then, you may be directly assigned to a project to gain hands-on experience.
  • You may also be assigned to a mentor or advisor based on your area of interest or expertise.


LaunchPad Program

What To Expect:

  • On LaunchPad, you will gain hands-on work experience and boost your confidence.
  • You will work on several projects – minimum of 200 hours overall – to hone your problem solving, communication and leadership skills.
  • We will assign you projects based on your career assessment. Your LaunchPad assignment may comprise of an internal and/or external projects. On External projects, you will be working with Mom Relaunch’s industry partners.


Job & Project Placement

What To Expect:

  • After you have completed your LaunchPad program, Mom Relaunch will place you in a suitable job or consultation role.
  • Many of our moms prefer flexible or remote work; we get projects and job placement leads from partnerships with leading organizations and companies.
  • We will prepare you for interviews and help you with your resume so that you can put your best foot forward.

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