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Your Partner in Diversity and Inclusion


Targeted solutions for companies’ diversity and inclusion programs which are sustainable and aligned to your goals.

  • Develop diversity strategies that are aligned with your organization’s overall goals and objectives.
  • Build a sustainable plan that is optimized for a diverse workforce.
  • Review your current strategic plans.
  • Map out and design standards and measures for your program.
  • Tap into our wide network of partners to find solutions specific to your organization.


Build stronger, more cohesive teams and learn to bring the best out of your employees with our diversity training and parental workshops.

  • Provide diversity training for your organization.
  • Increase knowledge, open communication and build efficiencies through team training.
  • Create and sustain change for a powerful workforce.
  • Promote the value of collaboration and cooperation
  • Offer workshops on how to unleash the potential of parenthood in the workplace.


Go-to diversity recruiter to provide skilled and ready talent to be placed in jobs and projects.

  • Act as your diversity recruiting extension.
  • Provide Permanent and Contract-To-Hire Placements.
  • Offer a ready pool of skilled IT and HR candidates.
  • Supply ‘Momplementation’ teams to provide business process review and implementation strategy, end-to-end RPO service and ATS/HR strategy and implementation.
  • Utilize local expertise with global presence.