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Launch to IBM Z Winner announcement


I am very excited to announce the winners of the Launch to IBM Z website contest powered by Mom Relaunch. I would like to say a few words about what it means for us and women everywhere. 

We are extremely proud that IBM Z has chosen to work with Mom Relaunch, to provide opportunities in enterprise computing, to people looking to get back to work after career breaks, people who are transitioning or looking for a career path. 

When Sudharsana Srinivasan from IBM Z reached out to us to collaborate  with them, I saw this as a great opportunity to join hands with IBM to further their culture of inclusiveness, to tap into the unrecognized talent of women, BIPOC and transitioners into their workforce. 

Launch to IBM Z event is just the beginning. I am really looking forward to taking this collaboration  to the next level. It’s truly going to be an amazing place where more companies like IBM come forward to support workplace diversity. They recognize what it means and they are willing to take the necessary steps to help us get there, as a community, as a nation, and around the world. 

From even before I started Mom Relaunch, I have been working hard to create an environment where it becomes easier for companies to be able to increase diversity in their workforce. This is a humbling moment for me. Bringing women and BIPOC into the forefront will enable us to bridge the divide that’s keeping them behind financially.

Now without further ado, here are the two winners of the website design contest. They will be given the opportunity to be a part of Mom Relaunch, learn the IBM Z platform, and relaunch themselves. They will get an education grant to cover Mom Relaunch program fees for 6 months.

Jayashree Harsha & Belen Garcia  

It’s never too late – if you missed our event, come join us, catch the Replay Here to get started on your IBM Z journey. The Fans of IBM Z hub is a great place to get started with networking, hearing from your peers, sharing your journey and more! 

I invite everyone to come join our mission, to help us get to a world where another Mom Relaunch will not be needed! 

Reena Gupta, CEO, Mom Relaunch