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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mom Relaunch LaunchPad?

The LaunchPad is the platform where moms are given the opportunity to get hands-on experience on projects and hone their skill-sets to give them that edge to get back into the workforce. Each mom will be first assessed on their career readiness before Mom Relaunch offers the most suitable LaunchPad, depending on current skills, level of expertise and future goals and objectives. After a mom is placed on a LaunchPad, she will work on a real project with business impact to get current with technology, skills and knowledge. When Mom Relaunch ascertains that a mom is ready to get back into the workforce, the next phase will be job placement or helping their entrepreneurial path.

What is Mom Support Services?

We believe that a key part of sustaining a career together with family commitments is being able to have a strong support system. Mom Support Services is designed specifically for moms to get easy access and recommendations for services such as cleaning, tutoring for kids, meals preparation, personal wellness etc. as they return to the workforce.

Why does Mom Relaunch focus on the IT and HR industry?

We have started with IT and HR as we have a strong foundation these industries, partnered with a great market demand for a skilled workforce. In the Salesforce ecosystem alone, it is projected that there will be 3.3 million new jobs by 2022. The Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) sector had a market size of US$2.85B in 2016 with 18% CAGR rate. This is our current focus but as Mom Relaunch grows, we intend to expand our industry focus.

What are some of the LaunchPad programs that Mom Relaunch offers?

The LaunchPad can take place in various forms; think of it as a unique type of returnship program where moms are placed on projects that give them the experience necessary to enable them to return to the workforce. The LaunchPad can take place within Mom Relaunch, where moms take on roles and projects which have significant impact on growing the organisation, giving them visible results to showcase to potential employers. Or it can be with an external company, where moms are put on projects with the end goal of gaining relevant job experience. Each mom is different so the LaunchPad experience will be tailored specifically to meet each individual’s learning needs.

What is the difference between the LaunchPad and other returnship programs?

The LaunchPad is catered to the needs and requirements of each mom. More importantly, the LaunchPad is designed so that moms can work on most projects with a flexible schedule remotely – a feature that is usually not offered in a normal returnship program. Moms on the LaunchPad will also mostly work within a collaborative workspace where they get connected with other like-minded women, forming a network of support and learning.

What are the benefits of being on the LaunchPad?

We work very closely with employers and recruiters and know what they are looking for; before being hired into a job, these employers and recruiters want to know that not only do moms possess the necessary technical skills but that they are ready to rejoin the workforce and are relevant to today’s work culture and technology. The LaunchPad is the solution in ensuring that moms are kept relevant and addresses the gap in the resume by providing real work experience.

How do I enroll in the LaunchPad?

In order for Mom Relaunch to ascertain the right path for each individual, moms must first register here to attend a career assessment session, after which a training or mentorship program will be planned, with the mom then being put on the LaunchPad.

How long is the LaunchPad program?

It depends on each individual but usually, moms will stay on the LaunchPad for two to three months to get work experience before Mom Relaunch verifies the mom is ready to return to the workforce and places the mom in a suitable position.

What can I expect after I have been placed on the LaunchPad?

You will be given a project to work on. We believe in the saying that ‘it takes a village’ and are very much reinventing the village such that we have moms helping other moms to achieve their goals. You will work together or alongside other like-minded women to achieve the goals set for your project.

What happens at the Career Assessment session?

Prior to being placed on the LaunchPad, all moms must first attend a Career Assessment session, which can be done in person at our Dublin office or virtually. During the session, moms will share their background and experience, as well as their objectives. A Mom Relaunch Career Advisor will then work with the mom on creating short term goals, plan any technical skills training if required, and ascertain the right LaunchPad to place the mom on.

How do I sign-up for a Career Assessment session session ?

You can sign up here

What do I wear to the Career Assessment session? Is it an interview?

Mom Relaunch is an organisation of moms helping other moms, where we keep it comfortably casual, so come dressed as such. We do ask that you bring along a copy of your resume if you haven’t sent it to us in advance, so that we can look at your past experience. Most importantly, please come prepared to share your experience and what you are looking for in returning to work.

Do I have to pay to join the LaunchPad Program?

Joining the LaunchPad program is free-of-charge. However, if you need a specific training course to reskill or upskill, we will refer you to our training partners. Depending on your training course, there may be a charge for it.

Do I get paid while I am on the LaunchPad Program?

Largely, no. Occasionally, we may get a paid internship with a client but most of our LaunchPad programs are unpaid.

I have not worked for ten years and I don’t even know what kind of work I can do anymore. What should I do?

We are here to help you figure out the next step. The most important part for you is to take that first step in reaching out to us and signaling that you want to get ready to be placed back in the workforce. Our LaunchPad is also the ideal platform for you to learn to work within a collaborative workspace, get up to date with industry jargon and hone your skills.

I’m not a mom, can I join Mom Relaunch?

Absolutely! We are committed to helping all women. Register now and our career advisor will work with you on your next steps.

Is Mom Relaunch a not-for-profit organization?

We are not a not-for-profit organization but are currently looking into having a not-for-profit arm, which will enable us to stretch our mission further and help more women.

How do I partner with or support Mom Relaunch?

There are a myriad of ways that you can partner with or support us! From offering jobs or internships to our moms, to making us part of your company’s CSR initiative, from sponsoring us to providing content or training for our moms, there is so much that you can offer. Come talk to us today to find out how we can collaborate. Simply contact us now!

What services do Mom Relaunch offer?

We offer a range of services to organizations seeking to fulfil their diversity objectives and goals. From strategic diversity consulting, to training and workshops, to job and project placements, we help to bridge the gap for stay home moms to return to the workforce, and for organizations to build a sustainable diversity program.

What is MOMplementation?

MOMplementation is a term we use for our IT and HR consulting arm. Our skilled moms work in teams to strategize and implement your key projects, from Salesforce CRM to ATS and RPO services. Find out more here

We also have a Franchise model for Momplementation, to promote entrepreneurship amongst women, building a ‘Mary Kay of IT Consulting”.