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Looking to Slash Hiring Cost and Bad Hire Sting?


‘Trying Before Hiring’ May Just be the Way to Go!

For any organization, hiring employees or, even engaging a contractor for short/long term projects, is an expensive undertaking – in terms of time and money. However, hiring a wrong candidate is several fold more so! According to Harrispoll, the cost of a bad hire is roughly between $25K to $50K depending on the position and industry – Oouch!

In light of this fact, let us explore factors, that if available, would minimize the risk of hiring. ‘Try before you buy’ is one of the proven sales strategies that minimizes risk of buying. You lament – why is there no such option for hiring an employee?! Now there is! Mom Relaunch has been very successful in building, and promoting, just such an approach! Let me explain!

LaunchPad is Mom Relaunch’s signature program. It offers extended hands-on-training to career returners and transitioners. The Program’s participants work on internal/external projects of varied lengths – either on a paid or pro bono basis. Each participant’s contribution on the projects is closely monitored, reported and recorded. Once participants gain sufficient experience and confidence, Mom Relaunch taps into its network of companies and recruiting firms to place ‘ready-to-market’ candidates. Companies that are familiar with the program post their projects, or jobs, on the Mom Relaunch’s website!

Interested in giving it a try? You wonder – ‘what types of internal/external projects are completed on Launchpad’? Well, Programs on LaunchPad span from Systems and Third-Party Apps Integration, Project Management, QA, Data Science and Management to Designing and Building Communities on the Salesforce Platform. Participants on the LaunchPad program form teams and are supported and guided by Industry expert(s) during and after projects completion.

Alternatively, we can discuss what projects you have and would like to take them off your plate! Based on your requirements, we can curte a team! Our team can design a solution that aligns with your priorities and business use cases. In other words, we are flexible and will work with you with the best of our abilities and knowledge!

Before COVID-19, almost all participants at Mom Relaunch were moms wanting to re-enter the workforce after a career break. Since the onset of COVID-19 – and exponentially rising unemployment – Mom Relaunch has expanded its reach and scope by inviting Career Transitioners irrespective of gender!

Days of ‘buyer beware’ are long gone! Since the high cost of a bad hire is unsustainable, ‘Try before you Hire’ is picking up steam!

If you have been burnt by a bad hire or, you want to take a smarter approach to hiring by learning from others’ costly mistakes, giving Mom Relaunch’s talent pool a try is worth your effort and time. To learn more about the opportunity to build a robust team of dedicated, experienced, versatile and highly skilled candidates reach out to us – like others have, you too will thank yourself for doing so!