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Career Path to Salesforce Ecosystem


Are you a career returner trying to get back into the workforce or perhaps someone who wants a second lease in your career?

Recent statistics and studies have shown that there is a huge skilled talent shortage, some would even say talent drainage, with 7 in 10 employers reporting talent shortages and nearly 60 percent of employers having jobs that stay vacant for 12 weeks or longer. Unemployment rate is also at its lowest since 2000. There are significant opportunities abound with the current employment climate but many career transitioners still face an uphill challenge to return to the workforce.

To prepare to transition your career, upskilling is pivotal and should be given utmost priority as it enables you to fill the much needed skill gap. It is important to choose a skillset that is in demand to ease back into the new career. In consideration of these two important factors, enable workforce development and provide a platform for upskilling, Mom Relaunch and Career Circle have partnered to offer an opportunity to upskill in one of the fastest growing technology arenas – Salesforce Administration.

The Salesforce Proficiency Pack for Administrators is a 6-week virtual training course that offers a career pathway:

Huge Demand for Salesforce Skills

If you haven’t already heard the buzz around Salesforce, you may well have been living in a silo! Even if you may not have first hand experience with the platform, you might be aware that it is one of the fastest growing technological ecosystems. With the Salesforce economy predicted to create 3.3 million jobs by 2022, now is the time to take hold of your career by upskilling and working towards obtaining a Salesforce role.

Structured Learning With Flexibility

The Salesforce Administrator course is conducted virtually over 6 weeks. Classes meet twice a week at 4pm PST / 7pm EST, with all sessions recorded for review or in case a class is missed. The bulk of the learning is self paced modules through Salesforce Trailhead. While the structure of the course is provided, you learn at your own time, with full flexibility on the time of the day you choose to study. The course is conducted by Salesforce , with a certified trainer, so you know you are getting the best! 

You Are Not Alone

Trying to tackle a difficult section but unsure of what to do? Need some moral support to get through the exam? The Salesforce trainer is there to answer your questions but it doesn’t stop there! The partnership between Career Circle and Mom Relaunch offers support groups that ensure you will always have the help and support that you need. With a private Facebook group, a collaborative Trailblazer Community group and Skype chat, you will have the support you need at your fingertips.

Pathway to A Salesforce Career

Once you have passed the Salesforce Administrator examination (yay!), Career Circle and Mom Relaunch will take it a step further by helping you to get into the Salesforce ecosystem for you to relaunch your career.

The Salesforce Proficiency Pack for Administrators course is offered at a highly discounted rate of $99, which includes a free examination voucher worth $200. The next course starts March 9 and concludes April 13. To find out if you qualify for the course, contact us now!