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Building Trust with All of Our Stakeholders

At Mom Relaunch we are committed to delivering the highest quality of services to you. Whether you are a mom looking for work , or an employer with a job offering, or one of our partners, we ensure that your requiremens and expectations are met. We value your feedback and continuously work toward refining our solutions.


Hiring just right for you

We ensure that employers are able to hire the most qualified candidate (mom). Our platform helps to identify the top candidates.



Our online customer support team is available 24-7 to help resolve any issues or concerns you may have with our offerings.


Grievances and disputes

All stakeholders are special to us. We wish to address any issues and resolve them satisfactorily.


Privacy of your data

We are committed to protecting the information shared during the registration process under our privacy policy.


Report if you see something suspicious

In case you feel there is a potential security issue with our website, Please e-mail us immediately at if you suspect a potential security issue.