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Career Assessments Weekly Thursday

Join us for an intimate virtual session with us and a few other moms like you. You’ll share your background, get advice from our team as well as industry leaders, and hear other moms’ stories. We will meet you where you are to help you evaluate and refine your immediate and long-term career goals.

Mock Interviews Weekly Tuesday

Every Friday from 10-11am PT, we do a session to practice interviewing skills. Members join and are put in groups of two in breakout rooms. They take turns to interview each other for 15-20 minutes each. Then provide feedback to one another. We discuss interviewing, salary negotiation and other strategies.

Friday Fun & Learn Weekly Friday

On Fridays we also invite guests and industry experts to join us to share their knowledge and expertise in a variety of topics that include, financial planning for women, creating your elevator speech, careers in program management, yoga, personal fitness, gardening and so on. On some Fridays we get together to play games, chitchat in a fun environment and have fun.

Past Events

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Global Skills Day

Global Skills Day 2021 is a FREE worldwide virtual gathering to collaborate on the future of work and learning as we envision a post-pandemic world. Every country and community can benefit from learning the skills needed to innovate as entrepreneurs and “intrapreneurs” in organizations.

World-class speakers from 27 countries include Google CMO Americas Lisa Gevelber, and leaders from business, non-profits, government, and education.

Reena Gupta, CEO & Founder of Mom Relaunch, is a speaker at the event. She will be speaking about skills needed for entrepreneurship.


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Launch to IBM Z 26-May-2021

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Student Case Competition Finals 11/21/2019  
Trailblazer Theater    
Workforce Development Session 11/20/2019

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Early Career Fair 11/20/2019

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Experienced Career Fair 11/20/2019

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Salesforce Admin Training July 11 – October 11, 2019 We’re offering a free 13-week program. Learn the fundamentals and skills you need to become a Salesforce professional.
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