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Mom Relaunch Offers a Yellow Brick Road to Navigate Trailhead

Do you want to master Salesforce and get Certified on FastTrack? Are you a mom with a career break of 6 months or more? Do you have a background in IT? If you meet these preferred criteria then you are eligible to be a part of Mom Relaunch! Join Mom Relaunch today to get started. Register @

Mom Relaunch’s goal is to ensure that its talent pool is mentored, trained and well-equipped to achieve financial independence. To this end, Mom Relaunch leverages Trailhead to pave the path to success for moms on its team.

Being on Trailhead is like being at a buffet – one finds plethora of rich content to master salesforce platform and prepare for salesforce certifications. This indeed is a bonanza! However, unless one charts out a customized learning path, based on one’s goals, interests and skill sets, it is not too difficult to get lost and feel overwhelmed.

Mom Relaunch is committed to empower each team member to achieve her career goal as expeditiously as possible! To attain this, Mom Relaunch has taken a systematic and customized approach to help its talent pool navigate through the Amazon of Trailhead. It does so by offering the following:

  • Assessing goals, aptitude and commitment of team members.
  • Guiding to develop a customized path towards certification(s).
  • Providing a platform to form study groups for various tracks – Admin, Developer, Marketing etc.
  • Assigning a dedicated Mentor to a study group.
  • Offering free passes to external training resources – Trailhead Bootcamps at events like Dreamforce, TrailheadDX etc.

Mom Relaunch is ready, are you?

  • Register today with us and leave comments on your interest in Salesforce Bootcamp Training.
  • Registered members should email us at and mention your interest in Salesforce Bootcamp training.
  • Eligible applicants will receive a follow-up email to schedule an interview.

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