Launchpad Membership - Mom Relaunch | MomRelaunch

Launchpad Membership – USD 79 a month

Resume guidelines and preparation:

  • HR team guidance on Resume
  • Industry Expert Feedback

Hands-on experience:

  • Projects to work and fill career gap
  • Populate Timesheet
  • Simulated work environment
  • Sharpen communication skills and experience team work environment
  • Reporting and Accountability

Bi-Weekly Reporting for Job Search:

  • Meet with HR team to review applications
  • Go over interviews scheduled and preparation

Help with Job/Project Placement:

  •  Market your Resume for Jobs and Projects

Interview Preparation:

  •   Peer Interview Prep
  • Access to interview sessions with partners
  • Communication skills guidance

Recommedation Letter:

  •   Receive reference letter vouching:
  • Your performance on projects
  • Hours worked
  • Team work and communication skills

Monthly 15 min one-on-one Meeting with MR Executive Team:

  •  Review progress and concerns
  • Give feedback on next steps