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Full Stack Data Science Training Program

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Class Duration: Feb 17th – Apr 4th. Wednesday/Fridays

Location:  All sessions will be online. All session recordings and materials available online for later review. Student collaboration via online chat. 1:1 access to 2 instructors.

Cost: $199

What is this program?

  • For those returning from a career break or those switching careers into Data Science
  • Core concepts/skills required for entry level position in Data Science.
  • Full stack skill set that is in high demand. Learn how to build Artificial Intelligence.
  • Capstone project that you can showcase to future employers
  • Highly qualified instructors – both AI Experts with PhDs in Computer Science

Curriculum: Online for 3 months, twice a week, 1.5 hours per session

  • End to end AI. Define problem, prepare data, select and train AI models, deploy models, integrate with applications and optimize. AWS tools S3, Sagemaker, Lambda, API Gateway, Quicksight, Cloudwatch.
  • Build 7 AI projects for business: Customer Churn, Pricing Analysis, Sentiment Analysis, Customer Approvals, Appointment Planning, Recommendations, and AI Bias avoidance.
  • Deep Dive Machine Learning algorithms in Classification and Regression.
  • Deep Dive on Feature Engineering, Data Preparation and Cleaning.
  • How to assess AI algorithms, metrics and techniques. How to hyper-parameter tune algorithms for best performance.
  • Best practices for AI lifecycle management, source code versioning, AI microservices.
  • Speciality topics; Students choose between Deep Learning for Forecasting/Time Series and Deep Learning for Image Classification.

Capstone project

  • Student choice, instructors will provide recommendations.
  • Gather and process data, select and train AI, deploy and integrate into an application
  • Generate report and presentation similar to a professional job setting.
  • Online hosting of your project, code and report that you can use to showcase your skills.
  • Final presentations to peers, industry experts.

Entry Requirements

  • Past experience programming in some language. Python is greatly preferred,
  • A college degree is preferred, or equivalent work experience. Course in Linear Algebra
  • Commit to 6 hours per week during the program.

Application Process

1. Register today with us and leave comments on your interest in Datascience Training

2. Registered members should e-mail us at and mention your interest in Datascience training.

3. Eligible applicants will receive a follow-up email to schedule a phone call within 2 weeks

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