Free Membership - Mom Relaunch | MomRelaunch

Free Membership

Virtual Study Group:

  • With other members in the Free Membership Group
  • Communication channel via Email, Skype

Group Peer Mentoring:

  • Among the members in the Free Membership Group

Bi-weekly one-hour call:

  • For general guidance on how to upskill in your career path (Salesforce, Data Science, etc)
  • Ask questions and receive tips and tricks on career development
  • Gather information on how to leverage available resources etc.
  • Get recommendation to get alignment with your career interests, past experience and education
  • Share your feedback on your achievements

Social Media post welcoming you to Mom Relaunch:

  •  Channels include Twitter, LinkedIn, Slack etc

Company Connect

  •  Invitation to join Company Connect conference on a monthly basis